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Phil Beckelhymer Remembered



Sad to inform Phil has passed.

Phillip Beckelhymer, better known as Phil, can always be heard before seen. You might have seen Phil riding his Harley motor cycle to some of those IMSA conferences (St Louis, AZ x2, Seattle WA , Louisville KY, and FL x2). Phil 1998- 2021 (23yrs) worked for City of Terre Haute signal shop. Phill worked with INDOT Crawfordsville district for 23yrs (1975-1998) as signal technician.

After a stint in the United States Marine Corps (1969-1974) 5yrs, where he left as a SSGT. Drafted into the armer division, driving tanks and amphibious vehicles and such, then changed to forest recon, and deployed to Vietnam.

Phil joined IMSA 1999 as a member, but had been going to national IMSA conferences since 1987.  He has been Vice President of IMSA Indiana section for 13yrs (2008-present) and moderator in recent years for Roadway Lighting, Work Zone, and Traffic Signal Inspector for the Indiana section and at National conferences. 

Phil held certifications in: WZ, TS1, TS2 Field, TS2 Bench, TS2 Inspector and RWL